Utah Survivors

Episode 44- The Younique Foundation with Shelaine Maxfield and Matt Hartvigsen

May 11, 2021
Utah Survivors
Episode 44- The Younique Foundation with Shelaine Maxfield and Matt Hartvigsen
Show Notes

After her husband's recovery from leukemia, Shelaine Maxfield and her husband Derek found themselves in the same room Derek made a promise to friend that he would do something to help the world. Aware of the long-term impact child sexual abuse has on survivors, they envisioned creating an organization that could offer free resources and services to provide healing, education, and hope. In order to fund this organization they started Younique Products. The main program of the Younique Foundation is "The Haven Retreat" an immersive experience that begins with a 4-day educational retreat and continues with a 9-week online course. The retreat is designed to help survivors learn about the effects of childhood trauma, introduce concepts and practices that can promote healing, and offer tools survivors can use to address the effects of trauma on the brain and body.

If you are a survivor of childhood sexual assault and would like to apply to The Haven Retreat click here: https://youniquefoundation.org/the-haven-retreat/

To learn more about the Younique Foundation and their other program and services click here: https://youniquefoundation.org/

To learn about Defend Innocence click here: https://defendinnocence.org/

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