Utah Survivors

Episode 26- Utah Domestic Violence Coalition with Andi Tremonte and Samantha Candland

October 12, 2020
Utah Survivors
Episode 26- Utah Domestic Violence Coalition with Andi Tremonte and Samantha Candland
Show Notes

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, so this week we talk with the largest domestic violence coalition in Utah: Utah Domestic Violence Coalition. 

This weeks guests are Samantha Candland and Andi Tremonte from the Utah Domestic Violence Coalition. Join us as we talk about UDVC programs, LINKLine and how Dungeons and Dragons make them better advocates. 
Samantha Candland is the volunteer coordinator at UDVC. She has been involved with UDVC for almost two years. Her primary responsibility is to manage the LINKLine, which is a 24/7 anonymous and confidential crisis hotline where volunteers answer calls to help anyone experiencing domestic violence. All volunteers participate in an extensive 40-hour training before they take any calls because they are dealing with dangerous and highly sensitive situations. Volunteers help callers with everything from information, safety planning, advocacy and referrals to services.

Andi has an educational background in Psychology and Women and Gender Studies. Andi is the Education and Outreach Coordinator for UDVC. They support domestic violence service providers, sexual assault programs, and government organizations in Utah, offering support services for underserved clients as well as trainings and technical assistance.

If you would like to volunteer for the LinkLine or UDVC visit: https://www.udvc.org/get-involved/

If you or your organization would like to receive one of the many community or advocate trainings UDVC offers visit: https://www.udvc.org/training/

If you are victim of domestic violence and are seeking help there are resources available: 

National- http://ncadv.org/


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